Parents' Page

parents-01The Young Leaders' Academy is a partnership with parents to open opportunities to intelligent young men.
Without parents reinforcing the core values, the work of the Academy would be impossible.


How to Enter Into the Academy

  1. Prospective member must be nominated by his elementary school principal based on the student's
    "demonstrated" traits of leadership and his meeting the organization's criteria.

  2. Parents must hand deliver copies of all required documentation to the YLA office during recruitment
    times only. Faxed copies are NOT acceptable.

    parents-02Required Documentation:
    • All report cards (K-present)
    • All Standardized Test scores
    • Medical card or proof of insurance
    • Birth certificate
    • Immunization record

  3. Parents and prospective member must attend a 1-hour meeting with the YLA Executive Director at the YLA office to learn more about YLA, obtain YLA program manuals, and fill out all required YLA forms before an official acceptance to the YLA is extended.

  4. Parents must purchase all components of the YLA uniform BEFORE the member attends his first Saturday Academy.

  5. Prospective parents and their sons must attend a session of Saturday Academy before their application can be processed for admission.

For more information, please call Executive Director Tonya G. Robertson at 346.1583 or send questions/concerns via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Parent Support Network (PSN) - Click for more information >>

2011-2012 Parent Support Network Officers:

  • Mrs. Errin W. Gaines, President
  • Mrs. Holly Guerin, Vice-President
  • Mrs. Wanjennia Atkins, Secretary
  • Ms. Shannon Iron, Treasurer