Core Values

The YLA has 12 core values. They are:

  • core-values-sidebar-imageAcademic Excellence - We believe that doing ones best academically greatly enhances ones chances of matriculating in school and reaching career goals. 
  • Accountability - We believe that all members (parents, staff, and children) of the YLA have rolls that they should know, master and live up to daily.  
  • Community - We believe our inter-connectedness to the community and our moral and civic responsibility to improve our schools, neighborhoods, city and our country.  
  • Competition - We believe that in a free market economy, the more competitive we teach our children to be the greater their chances of succeeding.  
  • Etiquette - We believe that good old-fashioned manners and respect will create more opportunities for our children. There is a price to pay for those who unfortunately lack social graces.  
  • Exposure - We believe that our boys will dream larger dreams if they see the limitless possibilities for their lives. Thus, we travel annually and visit many corporations to broaden their horizons. 
  • Family - We believe that family is a fundamental building block of society and that parent(s) must be involved in this process for us to succeed.  
  • Hard Work - We believe that the harder our children work, the greater their chances of reaching and exceeding their goals.  
  • Individualism - We believe in respecting the individual personality of each child in the organization. Even while respecting the team concept, no one's individuality should be lost. 
  • Oratory Skills - We believe that effective leaders are first and foremost effective communicators. 
  • Service - We believe that values based leadership is best taught by serving others before self. Service increases the sense of community ownership and buy-in which ultimately compels our youths to lead.  
  • Teamwork - We believe in a cooperative learning philosophy that encourages everyone to learn from each other's strengths.